All eyes were on the weather once again for the Carnival this year.

Whilst the 5 day forecast was looking good on Tuesday, as the week progressed dark clouds were slowly forming over both the village and the committee!


Happily, as it turned out the showers weren’t too bad and this year’s Carnival was a great success, from the rather damp procession right through to the rocking set from the live band, Mia and the Blackhawks.


Sales of programmes were certainly up on last year and the fair and stalls all seemed to be busy. The arena events were popular too, including fantastic falconry, energetic dancing displays and the yearly highlight – the Tug of War.

Tug of War


Unfortunately the Digby struggled to put on a full team this year, but at the eleventh hour Coleshill Young Farmers stepped in to fill the gaps. Despite their gallant efforts, however, they were unable to cope with the might of The Dog’s team, who actually won every heat, including a further competition against the Young Farmers on their own! So come on, Digby drinkers, the pressure is really on next year.

Special Guest

A special mention must also go to ex Aston Villa star Tony Daley who was this year’s guest of honour. Tony was a fantastic guest who was happy to engage in a bit of banter, have photos taken with the kids (of all ages!) and played a large part in the day’s proceedings. He was a great guy, who even sent a text the following day to say how much he enjoyed the day and how friendly everyone was. He went on to say that if Water Orton United’s goalkeeper was anything to go by, he would struggle to get in their team – apparently he only managed to put one penalty past him!

The committee hopes that you all enjoyed the day and are already looking forward to next year. In fact, the theme for the floats has already been decided at last week’s meeting and it’s Decades. So whether it’s fifties rock and roll, sixties mods or wartime memories (and that’s just for starters) with this much notice, you’ve really got no excuse!

Photos of the Day


Thanks to ace snapper Sharon from The Digby, there were plenty more great photos taken which are on display here on our Carnival gallery page.