As you may know, we are a little short of help for this year’s carnival.

Unfortunately, we have lost a few committee members and our chair stood down this year, so we are looking for people to help with its smooth running this year, if possible. So, how can you help?


There are 3 entrances to the Carnival field that need manning (or womanning) throughout the day. If you could spare an hour or so to help collect money and hand out programmes, that would be great.


As you may know there are a few roads around the village that are closed during the procession. These roads each need a couple of marshalls to assist motorists with alternative routes when the procession is close by. The procession runs from 11.30 until 12.45 but there would be a briefing that you would need to attend earlier on Saturday morning.

Setting Up Friday 20th

From 9 am on the Friday before the Carnival helpers are needed to move the Carnival equipment from our lock up to the hut on the field.

Taking down Sunday 22nd

Similarly, helpers are required on Sunday morning to dismantle equipment, gazebos etc and put back in our lock up.

If you could possibly help with any of the above, it would be much appreciated. Get in touch by emailing or talking to one of our friendly committee members: Beryl Sartorius, Rodger Hodgekiss, Mandi Collins, Tracey Baldry, Debi Patrick, Clair Galligan, Andrew Dorgan, Nathan Rowe, Lesley Eastwood, Suzanne Ward or Emma Hulme.

Thanks in anticipation,

The Carnival Committee