Water Orton Carnival Committee is a non profit making voluntary organisation that also raises money for local good causes.

An annual event for many years, the Carnival dates back to the early 1900s and the current Carnival as we know it began in 1967 and ran consecutively for 52 years until COVID 19 got in the way for 2 years. Things were restarted in 2022 with a Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Event and 2023 saw the return to the full Carnival once again.

Water Orton and Castle Bromwich Carnival, 30th June 1951.

Village Carnival 1948. Queen: Jean Orton. Attendants: Gillian Watson, Josephine Hornbuckle, Betty Moseley & Blanche Cooper

All of the old programme covers and years are shown below, with the exception of 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972, so if you have any copies of these lurking in your attic, please get in touch as we would love to add them to this history page for posterity.

Thanks to Colin Green for supplying much of the information for this page.

The Carnival Over the Years


Stella Hinsley was the Beauty Queen and ‘Miss Mod’, with her attendants being Lynette Georgeson and Linda Gough. Leslie Dunn was the TV personality, whilst former Aston Villa chairman Sir William Dudgale judged the piano smashing contest. There were 40 side shows and over 700 people attended. What happened to ‘The Origin’ beat group and Water Orton’s own DJ Memphis?! The chairman of the Fete Committee was Mr E.J Rusk and all of the proceeds went to the church spire fund.

Source: Coleshill Chronicle and Coleshill Library.


Queen: Pauline Stanton

Attendants: Susan Freeman,
Lorraine Broadley & Glenys Jones

Chair: Jack Emery


Queen: Susan Morrall

Chair: Roy Baker


Queen: Louise Greensall

Chair: Jack Emery


Queen: Janet Haywood

Attendants: Louise Greensall,
Jane Sartorious, Lorraine Croot

Chair: Jack Emery


Queen: Denise Brookes

Chair: John Chatterley

1977 – Queen’s Silver Jubilee Year

Miss Personality: Sue Sidwell


Queen: Judith Nicholls

Chair: John Chatterly


Queen: Lindsey Slowley

Chair: Mike Sadler


Queen: Carol House

Attendants: Serena Barlow, Rachel Elvis, Alison McMinn, Joanne Slowley, Louise Spiers

Chair: Tony Kettle


Queen: Lisa Dunn

Attendants: Sara Hayes, Andrea Mould, Stephanie Russon, Kelly Truman

Chair: Tony Kettle


Queen: Julie Bonsall

Attendants: Sam Gessey, Hannah Showell, Samantha Slowley, Julie Curtis

Chair: Tony Kettle


Queen: Elizabeth Watts

Attendants: Michelle King, Julie Parry, Sarah Allsop, Claire Gould

Chair: Steve Fennell


Queen: Samantha Kettle

Attendants: Helen Simms, Jodie Manton, Emma Pestridge, Claire Robinson

Chair: Geoff Arnold


No queen, six Princesses

Chair: Glynn Edwards


Queen: Claire Pratt

Attendants: Beth Carey, Charlotte Bailey, Rebecca Crane, Katie Weston

Chair: Dave Winton


Queen: Jeannine Burbridge

Attendants: Sophie Bakewell, Samantha Adams, Victoria Bourne, Sally-Dee Walker

Chair: Dave Winton


Queen: Sarah Scrivens

Attendants: Sarah Price, Joanne Busst, Kate Reynolds, Rachel Way

Chair: Val Jones


Queen: Julie Roberts

Deputy: Amy Wallace

Princesses: Gemma Round, Sally Cox

Chair: Val Jones


Queen: Louise Roberts

Princesses: Anita Adams, Kristie Johnson, Samantha Jesson

Chair: Val Jones


Queen: Lisa Alderwick

Princesses: Nicole Michaela, Laura Moore, Emma Harris, Kelly Morris

Chair: Tony Nash


Queen: Cheryl Deeley

Princesses: Dominie Farrell, Hayley Selway, Lisa Alcock, Kay Alsop

Chair: Tony Nash


Queen: Anita Adams

Princesses: Kate Spencer, Holly Cooke, Elizabeth Spencer, Jemma Saunders

Princes: Ryan Walker, Mathew Nelson

Chair: Mike Williams


Queen: Rebecca Jane Charles

Princesses: Jennifer Ho, Danielle Tingey

Princes: Jonathen Ho, James Williams

Chair: Mike Williams


Queen: Claire Morgan

Princesses: Hanna Green, Emma Green, Kara Jeromes

Prince: Scott Edwards

Chair: Mike Williams


Queen: Sarah Griffiths

Princesses: Louise Dawes, Tara Young

Princes: Marc Green, Dale Smith, Edward Fennell

Chairperson: Andy Smith


Queen: Joanne Busst

Princesses: Eleanor Fennell, Rachel Hadley, Charlotte Stockton, Casey Rowley

Chairperson: Andy Smith


Queen: Joanne Busst

Princesses: Eleanor Fennell, Rachel Hadley, Charlotte Stockton, Casey Rowley

Chair: Andy Smith


Queen: Pamela Danks

Princesses: Sarah Smith, Grace Taylor, Louise Ann Lee, Elena Howard, Charlotte Hadley, Paige Johnson

Chair: Andy Smith


Queen: Hayley Selway

Princesses: Katy Murgatroyd, Olivia Brandreth, Ellen Jayne Finch (flowergirl)

Prince: Matthew Belcher

Chair: Andy Smith


Queen: Emma Green

Princesses: Tabitha Jones, Katie Young, Lucy Hinks

Chair: Andy Smith


Queen: Laura Mowatt

Princesses: Victoria Mytton, Ellenor Collins

Chair: Andy Smith


Queen: Charlotte Fox

Princesses: Sally-Ann Hobbs, Olivia Burgess, Sophie Williams, Elise Boyle

Chair: Andy Smith


Queen: Lorna Bamford

Princesses: Kate Sherward, Paige Morgan, Laura Wakefield

Prince: Huseyin Gocerili

Chair: Ken Paton


Queen: Claire Wakelam

Princesses: Anwen Thomas, Olivia Williams, Kharis Brown, Hannah Smyth

Chair: Ken Paton


Queen: Leanne Palmer

Princesses: Charlotte Richards, Elena Howard

Prince: Daniel McKinley, Connor Ryan

Chair: Ken Paton


Queen: Stella Hinsley (Also queen in 1967 – 40 year anniversary)

Princesses: Alisha Lumsden, Georgia Lumsden, Amy Statham, Olivia Reeves

Prince: Josh Statham

Chair: Ken Paton


Queen: Jamie Lee Price

Princesses: Daisy McManus, Jess Collins, Millie Johnson, Megan Boyce

Princes: Jack Johns, Louie Boyce

Chair: Ken Paton


Queen: Gemma Hurley

Princesses: Isabella Rose Carpenter, Mollie Louise Richardson

Princess: Harry Sharrard, Mason Williams

Chair: Keith Brown


Queen: Georgia Stocker

Princesses: Kiera Nally, Maci Taylor, Lucy Hewlett, Chloe Richards

Chair: Keith Brown


Queen: Sophie Penfold

Princesses: Gracie Ritson, Georgi Parker, Bella Lloyd

Chair: Rob Kimberlee


Queen: Sophie Penfold

Princesses: Gracie Ritson, Georgi Parker, Bella Lloyd

Chair: Rob Kimberlee


Queen: Joanna Vizor

Princesses: Brianna Taylor Bird, Grace Rowland, Lia Burns

Prince: Thomas Digennaro

Chair: Andrew Dorgan


Queen: Jessica Collins

Princesses: Seren James, Madison Grace Milburn, Katie Digennaro, Antonia Rowley, Kacey Dawn Leese, Faye Milburn

Chair: Andrew Dorgan


Queen: Abbie Forbes

Princesses: Darcey Hodgins, Ebony Shand

Princes: Dominic Barker, Jack Patrick

Chair: Andrew Dorgan


Queen: Georgia Barker

Princesses: Grace Bedford, Bethany Aucott

Princes: Finley Baker-Yearwood, Aiden Digennaro

Chair: Andrew Dorgan

2017 – Fifty Consecutive Years

Queen: Lizzie Fisher

Princesses: Ruby Sharrard, Eva Perkins, Nancy Lee, Sophie Mahon

Princes: Joseph Powell, James Fisher

Chair: Martin Scambler


Queen: Violet Maria Lee

Princesses: Ariella Savage, Jessica Powell, Sophie Reynolds

Princes: David (DJ) Smeaton

Chair: Martin Scambler


Queen: Rosie Molloy

Princesses: Maggie-Mae Wager, Maisy McCoy

Princes: Roman Wager, Harry Wooton

Chair: Martin Scambler


Cancelled due to COVID 19


Cancelled due to COVID 19


No Carnival, but the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Event took place instead.

Chair: Simon Harrison


Queen: Scarlett James

Princesses: Cherri-Marie Hughes, Florence Milburn

Princes: Matthew Hughes

Chair: Simon Harrison

The Carnival is aware that sadly not all of the names listed here will still be with us, but felt it was important to celebrate and remember our past Carnival royalty and chairs. They sincerely hope that this does not cause offence to anyone.