Paul Messenger for the Tennis Club collects his cheque for £100.

Colin Newman from the Bowls Club collects £100.

A cheque for £400 accepted by Wendy Ress on behalf of the library.

Colin Green accepts his cheque for £50

Elizabeth Crawley receiving £50 towards her planned ‘World Challenge to China’ .

At the Committee’s AGM on Thursday 12th November we were delighted to make some more donations to local good causes.

The Brownies received £50 towards their ongoing costs.

Water Orton War Memorial Project received £100 towards their target.

Colin Green, our village historian received £50.00 and gave a very concise outline of how he intends to spend the money, explaining he planned to use it towards laminating his extensive photo collection and towards another exhibition of at least another 120 old photographs. Colin also pledged a stall at the Carnival next year saying his stall this year went really well.

Paul Messenger from the Tennis Club received £100 towards two special school coaching projects and towards a new 21-year lease at the tennis club. He told us the club had recently spent £40,000 in particular on new floodlighting and the donation was accordingly gratefully received.

Water Orton Library Community Centre received £100 towards improved heating in the building’s toilets and kitchen.

The Bowls Club received £100 towards buying new sets of bowls for the club. He said the club had recently spent substantially on ground/green improvements and the donation was much needed and appreciated.

Elizabeth Crawley received £50 towards her planned ‘World Challenge to China’ to undertake community project work.

Once again, the Carnival Committee is very happy to be able to support local good causes this year.