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Wanted! Groups, organisations or even a bunch of friends interested in a float for Water Orton Carnival 2019.

Don’t worry about supplying the lorry – The Carnival Committee will provide it for you.

Look at these fabulous floats and outfits from 2014 when the theme was ‘Decades’.

The number of floats for last year’s Carnival was a little disappointing, so this year we have decided not to have a theme as such, instead it is Anything Goes’, to offer more flexibility and hopefully encourage more people to take part.

So, gather a group together, have a think and showcase your creative flair with a float on the procession route through Water Orton on Saturday 20th June. There’s even a money prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd judged floats.

Walking Fancy Dress Procession

If you ‘re not on a float, but would still like to take part, we are also encouraging a fancy dress walking procession too. Note that as it is a moving procession along the road, all children would need to be accompanied by an adult.

If you are interested in a float, then please e-mail this address or contact Mandi Collins on 07803 789706.