We been asked what route Santa takes through the village on this Sunday’s Sleigh Run (16th December) by a few people, so here goes:


The Sleigh Run starts at 12 noon at Mytton Road, moving on to Smiths Way, Birmingham Rd, Plank Lane, Orton Close, over the railway bridge to Marsh Lane, to include Digby Crescent and Wakefield Grove, Old Church Lane, Manor House Lane, Minworth Road and Mercer Avenue, calling into The Dog for vital refreshments somewhere along the way.

Then back over the bridge to St Paul’s Court, past the shops, Coleshill Rd to The Digby, Mickle Meadow, Coterills Mews, New Road (to include Hargrave Close, The Sidings, Salisbury Drive and Overton Drive).

From there on to Coleshill Road, Watton Lane (to include Turnpike Drive, Park Grove, Hollyhurst), Maud Road, Edward Road, George Rod, Maud Road, Coleshill Road (to include Openfield Croft, St Peter’s Close, Vesey Close, Welland Close), Plank Lane, Christopher Way.

Vicarage Lane (to include Attleboro Lane, Vicarage Lane, Jaques Close, Woodlands Ave) finally finishing in St Blaise Ave.

As you can see, the Sleigh Run takes quite a while and the more helpers that Santa has, the sooner he can get to the North Pole to prepare for the big day. If you can give spare any time to help on Sunday it would be greatly appreciated. Call Mandi on 07803 789706 to arrange.